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11 Окт 2022
Good morning, I hope you are all well, now I explain. First of all I write in English because it is the most understandable language for me, since I am originally Latin (Dominican Republic).

I come from another GTA5 online server engine (I'm solving the name because I do not know if it is forbidden to mention)
and lately I've been playing "GTAHUB" is a "Latino" server of GTA5RP and the truth is well done "according to me".

So I've had several GTA5RP online projects, but created with "Lua", but now I'm interested in creating a GTA5RP "Latino" (translations I'm in charge) for Latin America, obviously with my own ideas, starting with a basic GTA5RP, and updating little by little.

I am currently looking for Typescript, JS, designers, HTML + CSS programmers to start the project.

and if you speak or write or understand "espanol" it would be fantastic.

Currently I have for start of project about 2,000 dollars to start the project pay the developers (I don't like C# language for this project I understand that JS is better for this project.

If you are interested, and you want to work with me please write me on discord, and show me what you can do
and we talk business.

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high designer
9 Окт 2020
Hey, ive whole development team for FiveM, i am a designer and ive front / back devs.
so if you re interested, contact me via discord
discord.gg/mikhayloff <--- there are many examples of our works for fiveM / RageMP.
For example, now we working for biggest FiveM project, and have behind lot of popular projects also.
We have good reputation and many feedbacks in our discord from real customers, you can check it by yourself ofc.

So, will be happy see your messages on my DM's, see ya around.