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It is a very interesting mod, quite complete, that if it lacks a menu design update, it is quite basic, on the other hand, the organizations could also be improved, be it a gang / mafia / companies / we are going to start with a separate menu to get out a little of what common here one places a separate menu where organizations can be created related to what is mentioned for example I want to start a taco company so I go to the menu and I create it now then for the benefit of my company I need a truck that is where the concessionaire comes in transport I go to the dealer and buy it for my company I don't know if I understand what I mean is if you want to create a company either / security / taxis / transport / mechanics / have a business dealer the truth is I have several great ideas
хз почему, но при вызове уведомления игру крашит в 0
Интефейс прикольный, но очень много багов прям очень!
Чисто можно вытащить HUD и все.
Нормальный мод, нужно пофиксить баги. И можно спокойно играть