1. N1TR0X

    Проблема чарактери автоматичиски удалаютса :REDAGE

    In the base of automatic discs, the characteristics are deleted, ani go to -1 and ishio ani automatic becomes faction 24 and does not exist on the server. and every time ani enter the server ani do not see their character ,,,, help is needed as quickly as possible ... and dengah can be...
  2. Myrka

    DLC Новые стили причесок (new hairstyles) для сервера RAGE Multiplayer 1.0

    Установка: 1) Распакуйте архив. 2) Перенесите "gtahairs" по данному пути "client_packages\game_resources\dlcpacks"(Версия рейджа 1.1), на 0.3.7 надо закинуть в папку dlcpacks